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Jane Little is a journalist, broadcaster, moderator, and public speaker who combines a wide range in current affairs with expertise in religion, spirituality, women and health.

She founded the role of Religious Affairs Correspondent at the BBC World Service and after a decade of reporting from around the world, she went on to found the role of Religion Editor at the BBC/WGBH Boston co-production, The World.

She is a well-known voice in the UK, and some of the live news and current affairs programs she has hosted include, Sunday, Woman's Hour, Last Word, Americana, and The World Tonight.

She's enjoyed successful journalistic careers on both sides of the Atlantic, and has lived and studied in both Cambridge, England and Cambridge, MA (Cambridge University and Harvard).

In recent years she has been based in Washington, DC, working for the BBC as a news correspondent, hosting public events, consulting for universities, developing communications plans, as well as making documentaries for the BBC and independent companies. 

Her latest assignment is as Partnership Editor for PRI's ambitious new venture, Across Women's Lives which explores how the status of women affects the overall health and wellbeing of a society. 

She now resides just outside of Charlottesville, VA, where she is raising a son, trying to be a better meditator/gardener, and writing a book on spirituality and health.

Link to Jane's bio on the Public Radio International website